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Get A Real Estate Referral Fee Of $2,024 For Simply Telling Us About A Property

Would you like us to pay you $2,024 for simply telling us about a property? You can just give us the address! We’re paying $2,024 in 2024.

A lot of what we buy are fixer-uppers, rental properties, or from people who NEED to sell fast. Maybe you have a friend or family member who has a serious challenge with a house. Or maybe there’s a fixer-upper you see on the way home from work every day and you wish that eyesore wasn’t in your neighbourhood. Or maybe you’re a real estate professional who comes across people with house hassles. Whatever the situation is we will pay you for successful referrals. We’ll pay you a real estate referral fee of $2,024 in 2024… even if you just give us the address. We will do the rest of the work to contact the homeowner. Just Contact Us Here.

Are you wondering who you’d be able to refer to us?

1. People you know. Has someone inherited a house? Is someone in financial trouble? Can’t keep up with maintenance on their house? We can have a conversation to see if we can offer a solution that works for them. We’ve paid referral fees twice to one lady who had two different friends who both had vacant houses that needed repairs. These homeowners were holding onto these vacant houses for sentimental reasons and had been paying taxes and insurance on an empty house for YEARS. They were happy when we came along and made it easy for them to sell these unwanted houses.

2. Ugly houses that you drive by. If you see a fixer-upper house when you’re driving around, just send us the address. We’ll do the rest to contact them by mail, phone or door knocking. Is there a house in your neighbourhood that you feel is bringing down the neighbourhood because it’s unkept? Let us do the hard work and make that property beautiful again.

3. Lawyers. If you’re an estate lawyer then some of your clients may want what we offer. An easy and stress-free sale. They don’t need to do any cleanup, clean out, renos, or yard maintenance. We can be very flexible with closing to coincide with probate. We can handle property maintenance before closing too. We know grass cutting and snow removal are painful for family members who may live hours away. And how many people want to renovate a house they inherit?

4. Real Estate Agents. We all know that most sellers want a realtor who will do major marketing and get massive exposure for their house. But there is a minority of sellers who want their sale done private, discrete, and hush-hush. Their priority is not maximizing their sale price. That’s where we come in. If you as a realtor are contacted by a seller who strongly doesn’t want to sell publicly and just wants you to bring a buyer, then contact us. We can close in days.

Everyone WANTS to sell fast and easy, but we’re not for everyone.

What we don’t want to hear about:

If the house is publicly listed on MLS, then just let the realtor do their job. The seller has already hired a realtor, is committed to paying their commission and the homeowner spent considerable time, money and effort to prepare their house for sale. We’re here for people who NEED to avoid all of that and we look to buy at a discount for our premium and unique service.

If someone has a beautiful house, wants to maximize their selling price and is in no rush to sell, then we’re not the buyer for them. They’d probably be best served by a good realtor who will showcase their home to the world and take some time to get them the best price.

We are here to help.

If you know someone who is under a lot of stress with house problems or financial problems, and you don’t think we’ll be able to help them out… still feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to talk for a few minutes on the phone and see if we can point people in the right direction, even if we can’t be the solution.

But if you know of a fixer-upper, a rental property, someone who needs to sell fast, or just someone with a big house-headache… then we want to pay you a real estate referral fee! Contact us and we’ll pay you $2,024 for every successful purchase. Yes, we only pay if we actually purchase the house. No, we won’t be paying $2,024 if the referral is unsuccessful. So to all the wise guys out there… please don’t send us a list of addresses and a bill for a million dollars. But if you give us a referral that leads to success, do let us know where you want us to send your cheque or email transfer. We will be very thankful! Push Here to Contact Us and tell us about some properties.

Do you know someone with a house hassle in Ontario? Or is there an ugly house on your street that you’d like us to fix up? Reach out to us today to find out how simple and beneficial the process can be! (647) 848-7790

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