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Sell My House Fast in Cornwall, ON

Sell your house fast for a better price in Cornwall. Embrace ease and sell with confidence. Choose what works for you! Read more about our process here.

My name is Aaron: an award-winning real estate investor in Cornwall. I help people sell their homes for cash in ON. Let me walk you through the next steps if you would like to sell your house fast. I will guide you through the process as well as the pros and cons of choosing a cash sale. 

Our family-based business is here to help you accomplish your goals. We buy houses in Cornwall. We renovate homes and love helping those who want a timely solution to their real estate concerns.

We Buy Ontario Houses

We Buy Houses Fast in Greater Toronto Area | Call 647-848-7790 | GTA House Buyers

If I Were Selling a House today…

I would choose a different path. A better option where I had more control and could care about my plans. I will choose a strategy where I can get a better price. I am not talking about the highest listing price, but the most money that I could get from the sale proceeds. 

A traditional sale is time-consuming and not suitable for many homeowners today. You end up giving away a portion of your home’s equity for no reason. You pay a percentage of the sale proceeds to your agent and home staging company. You spend dollars and time on improving a house. You’re unsure if future homeowners will like and keep the changes you’re making. 

A conventional sale is not for you if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to renovate your home to match market conditions. You can leave the job to future owners. You can get a much better price (and peace of mind) if you sell as-is and move forward. 

If I were selling a house today, I would find a trusted real estate solutions company in Cornwall. I will make a list of my questions and interview the company. I will run the numbers and see how I can receive the most money for my property. I will go for a better way, not necessarily the most common path.

What Our Customers Are Saying 🤩

Before undertaking an expensive renovation, we decided to call GTA House Buyers. Michael was very open and professional and we negotiated a selling price that met our expectations of the value of the house, with a closing date of our choosing. The market has been volatile the past few months and some buyers have balked at closing. GTA House Buyers are investing for the long term, and the completion of the sale went smoothly. We were very happy with the whole experience.

Mike Milne – House Seller

We had a super good experience with GTA house buyers!! Evan was super kind and helpful and the whole team too!! Everything was done very quickly as we wanted!! Thanks a lot !! 🙂

Katerine Hamel – House Seller

GTA house buyers, help me a lot in the process of selling my house. It was overwhelming for me in the beginning but because of them, they’ve managed everything smoothly till closing. Their team was the most helpful people I’ve ever met, such an angel sent from heaven to help me out all through the process, for that I couldn’t have done everything without them. Thank you so much GTA house buyers team!!!

Mylene Bautista – House Seller

Using the GTA Home Buyers was a great experience for me as the whole procedure regarding the sale of my home was very smooth. I’m very happy with their service, especially Joadey, the representative; she has excellent customer service and she made me feel like a valued customer. I would highly recommend this company to those who want to sell their homes.

Magdeline Chan – Home Seller

Definitely serious buyers who can close fast. Life happens and I needed to get rid of my headache investment property that was mid-way through renovations. GTA House Buyers gave a firm offer and closed fast when other house buying companies wouldn’t. Finally thanks to Aaron.

Baljeet Arora – Rental Property Seller

We wanted to sell our house fast, with limited visits and in as-is condition. Also for a good price. Mike came up with a great offer for us, and with his team, made the deal happen. Took less than 10 days!! I would 100% recommend Mike and his team to anyone that I know who is looking to buy or sell. Thank you so much Mike!!

Heather and Tom Papadatos, House Seller

We’re proposing a better and more tested option. We’re real estate investors expanding our reach in Cornwall. Our team can purchase your home today for a cash price. How does it work? 

  • We partner with other investors and buy your home. Our team will pay a direct cash price without having to involve agents and middle-men. It will be a private transaction between you and GTA House Buyers. 
  • You will receive a no-obligation, written offer. Upon acceptance, you can sell on your desired timeline. 
  • You won’t have to make any kind of repairs. We buy houses all over Ontario. We have a dedicated crew that renovates and improves all our investment homes. Our expert crew will take care of the repairs. You don’t have to handle that. 
  • As you’re selling directly, you don’t have to pay for selling fees like commissions and closing costs. Guess what? That’s an indirect saving of 8%. 
  • We want to help keep sale proceeds in your account. Our team will guide you through the next steps as you join us for an initial consultation. 

We’re the most experienced and recognized investment company in Cornwall. It all started back in 2003 and continues today with a passion to help you. 

We have several goals here, with a single mission statement. Our goal is to help as many homeowners as possible in ON. We do this through education and client-centered solutions. We provide you with information on potential outcomes, and our consultations are based on actual data. From there, we will lay out a clear plan for you. You will choose a better future for yourself and your family. 

We help clients protect their credit score and financial future. Our team gives you the time you need to make the right decisions.

Let us help you skip commissions, fees and hassles.

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Do you think it’s time to move forward and sell now? Your home could be in any condition or price-range.

Does It Need Repairs?

Has Your Listing Expired?

Are You Behind On Your Payments or In Foreclosure?

Are You on Power of Sale or bankruptcy?

Are You Relocating?

Do You Owe Back Taxes?

Are You Trying To Sell A House As Part Of An Estate Sale?

Is Your House Vacant?

Are You Looking For Debt Relief?

Are You Paying Multiple Mortages?

Are You Involved In A Divorce?

Has Your House Suffered Fire Damage?

Are You 100% Financed?

Are You A Landlord With Bad Tenants?

and many more….

We buy houses from people in all situations including the following above. Most clients are not in a distressed situation, but they want a fast sale. We’ll make all the arrangements and close with a lawyer. We’re not Realtors. We’re experienced investors who are ready to buy more houses today!

Reliable & Highly Reviewed House Buyer

A Great Business Leads To Great Reviews!

Highly recommend for a fair price and the exact closing date of your choice. Superior customer service A+++.

They truly live up to their A+ rating on the BBB. Aaron and the team are amazing people who really are in the business of helping people with their real estate needs. They were able to close our rural property in under 48 hours when other companies said they needed at least 24 days, let us stay in our house for a few days after closing and we were able to leave a lot of unwanted furniture and household stuff behind. Thank you.

Elizabeth Monaco – Rural Home Seller

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We Buy Houses across Ontario!

Why Wait Months To Sell Your Home?

Our current process at GTA House Buyers allows us to buy houses quickly. And given the technology, you shouldn’t have to wait for months to sell a property. Why drag the sale when you can instantly connect with an interested buyer?

Join us today and sell your home fo ra better price. It will be a fair price and you won’t have to lift a finger while selling.

Your Guaranteed Cash Offer is Here

We’re here to make the job easy and we will present you with two options. You can request a fair cash offer today and have a written proposal by tomorrow this time. It will save you time. You can review the numbers and see if you’re ready to sell your home for a guaranteed price.

There is a chance that you might not like the cash offer. In that case, you have lost nothing. You will spend less than 5 minutes in filling out this short form. Our team will do rest of the work.

The second option is to skip this webpage and think about it later. That’s not a winning strategy. We buy houses in Cornwall. While we’re looking to invest in more properties, we won’t be buying every home on the market. It’s your chance to secure your spot by opting for a fair, free, and no-risk offer. You won’t lose anything and you’re not under any obligation to work with us.

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