Customer Testimonials... - Tue, Dec-20-16 4:41
We always respect the privacy of sellers, but we are also thankful for the sellers that allow us to share their testimonial. Here are a few testimonials from the many sellers we've worked with... I didn't have to do any renovations and I got a quick closing. The price was very competitive too, since I avoided paying realtor commissions and they even paid my mortgage penalty which was a few more
Here are before and after pictures of a house that has a sad before story. The previous tenants decided they wanted an open-concept living space, so they tore down walls leaving the electrical wires and studs exposed!! Did I mention these tenants forgot to ask their landlord if they could tear down walls? The urine stains on the basement carpet was another sight. (I assume the dog did it, but I’ more
Below are before and after pictures of a house we bought and renovated. The Sellers needed to sell fast for their own personal reasons.  There were a couple offers on the the house and the sellers initially accepted another offer.  But that 'buyer' backed out of the deal within a couple days.  Often buyers back out because they find they can't get financing for the house.  When we buy a more
Before and After Pictures of a Toronto Home that had been in the Same Family for Decades. This house had fallen into disrepair over many years since a death in the family.  The family members who inherited this house wanted to sell the house quietly, easily, and on their own terms.  They wanted someone who buys houses fast and they wanted to choose their moving date.  The sellers didn't want more